Wednesday 12 May 2010

Nasty Outbreak Of Stealing Double Yellow Lines!

Poor old Wolverhampton! Not only blighted by geography and evolution, now it has been hit by a nasty outbreak of thieving. It seems that people have been stealing double yellow lines!

Now, the theft of copper wire for scrap I can understand, or the lead from church roofs - there's a ready demand for such things down at the scrap yard, but double yellow lines?

Where the fuck can you flog them for readies, no questions asked? Do double yellow lines from posh areas command a premium?

Or is it just a pathetic attempt to justify incompetence and fuckwittery by officaldom?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Yellow streaks are very common in Engerland. It must have been getting humped by the Romans or was it the French? I suppose getting fucked by someone called Angelo or Norman never leaves your psyche you bunch of limp wristed bed wetting dog wankers. The most invaded conquered nation in these islands no wonder you have an inferiority complex like a giant pluke on your foreheads. Shaving your heads and getting tattoos is so predictable. I can’t wait for you lot to drag your knuckles over to SA for the World Cup and watch you getting another jolly good thrashing, oooooh Matron. The Africans are sharpening their machetes and digging your graves, you are toast. Swallow it fuckwits. Better stay home and suck your mummies fuds.

Hacked Off said...

Ooooh, another diatribe from our pet Scotch anonymong, Wee Hamish, once again demonstrating a remarkable ability to ignore reality.

Scotchlandshire is a dependency of England, ruled from London. So who is the inferior subject nation?

England are playing in the World Cup Finals in South Africa, unlike any team from Scotchlandshire. And having sorted out the Africans many times before, I don't suppose it'll be any different this time. Or have your parents decided that you are still too young to watch films like "Zulu"?

Do try harder, otherwise we'll have to get rid of you completely.

Monty Cristo said...

Another member of the SNP (Scotland Not Playing) braying from his estate in the east of Glasgow. It must be wonderful to be able to tie one's own shoelaces without having to bend down.