Monday 3 May 2010

A Straight Comparison

Hmmmm, which one do I believe might win?

The Penguin


Gareth said...

Churchill preferred a tommygun and a cigar.

Frankly, if a fat slob was campaigning and said 'I'm a fat slob, it would be hypocrisy for me to let the state nanny everyone on healthy eating' I'd be inclined to vote for them.

Dave runs, cycles and whatnot. Gordoom believed he had to be at least seen puffing along once.(No more pictures have appeared) There was scope for Gordoom to roll back the state just a smidge and appear like a normal person for a change.

An opportunity Gordoom missed. So wrapped up in their nanny-statism-for-every-other-bugger world, even appearing to be normal is beyond them.

Joe Public said...

Shagged out, just trying to get to the starting line.

Anonymous said...

One can only pray for a massive heart attact or a stroke..... With a face as red as that, neither are far away. Maybe a resounding defeat on Thursday will do the trick?

Anonymous said...

The look on McSnot's face is a picture and as we know a picture paints a thousand words.

It tells me that the cunt probably only ran once for this photo op.

The cunt looks like he's dieing.

Sadly he didn't.

Will have to make do with his metaphorical death on Thursday.

That will be a good start.