Friday, 5 June 2009

Such Weasel Words Of Support!

"Some dirty cunt's shat themselves, I'm fucking off out of here!"

Following Jimmy "Sideburns" Purnell's resignation from the Cabinet, there is a whole raft of cock-suckers proclaiming support for Jonah.

I can't be arsed replicating it, or even taking the piss, but it's summarised here.

What might be intersting for some geek to do would be to correlate this support with the majorities those cabinet ministers enjoy. Are they supporting Gordon because they don't fancy an early bath at the General Election that would be a few months sooners if they get shot of the cunt?

Or is it that none of them fancy the poisoned chalice, because they think it's going to be electoral wipe-out whoever is nominally in charge of the stinking sinking ship?

The Penguin


Blind Pugh said...

"Business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar has been tipped for a government job." Well that's it, we're all fucked if a daft media-obsessed cunt like Mr Amstrad ends up in government.

Umbongo said...

According to this BBC report

Business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar, who has been appointed an "enterprise czar" in the reshuffle, also backed Mr Brown saying: "We are in an emergency situation as far as the economic conditions go... I can not think of a better person to be in place."

I admire Sugar for perceiving a gap in the market (cheap personal computers for the masses), exploiting it to the full and making a fortune out of it. But that's it! "Industrialist" he isn't, nor is he the British Bill Gates. He has not established a massive industrial or commercial giant. Amstrad is not Microsoft, let alone Intel or Marks & Sparks. As an organiser and entrepreneur (as well as chancer) Philip Green knocks Sugar into a cocked hat.

As a businessman Sugar's been looking for a replacement for the Amstrad 1250 ever since. His ludicrous internet phone product was a complete failure. All he has been able to do since his early heady days is take over Viglen (which is a very ho-hum outfit which - surprise surprise - flogs computers to the public sector or as Wat Tyler calls it - the "simple shopper") and play in the property market (not difficult if you have £100 million to start with). Looking for an apprentice in "The Apprentice" Sugar is clearly only comfortable with tasks that demand the ability to sell and not take "no" for an answer while you're selling - which is the secret of his (only) success. He'll be a wonderful addition to this government: ugly, chippy and a one trick pony. But at least he's got one trick: his new colleagues have no tricks to boast about.

The Penguin said...

I was on the audit team looking over Amstrad plc shortly after it was floated to massively hyped interest thanks to his mates in Fleet Street.

So I have been sworn at by Alan Sugar and lived :-)

He is a clever niche operator, and a lot fucking smarter than Jonah.

Umbongo said...


"He is a clever niche operator, and a lot fucking smarter than Jonah."

Agreed, and his success is based on his having all the native cunning and chutzpah of a barrow boy. I find it admirable that he spotted an opportunity, exploited it to the full and made a pile of cash. He then - as you imply - unloaded Amstrad at a grossly inflated price on to a delirious and credulous public which had been groomed by the MSM. He then bought it back for next to nothing.

He's a shrewdie alright but he is not God's gift to British enterprise. He is, though, a prime example that in a free-ish capitalist economy an individual with native intelligence, energy and persistence can make his fortune. However, don't let's pretend that he is anything but a trader: he is not in the mold of Michael Marks or Ludwig Mond or anybody who built a business instituion which outlasted its founder and flourished thereafter.

Also he is - as you say - a lot smarter than Jonah but, then, so is my cat.

Umbongo said...

That should be "mould" not "mold" . . .