Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Not Before Time, Overpaid Tossers Salaries To Be Cut!

"I'm Worth Every Fucking Penny, You Tight Cunts. And Free Grub!"

My heart isn't exactly bleeding sympathetically for the so-called super stars of the BBC, who look to be facing some severely reductions in their gross salaries.

Now, if they are all that talented and smart, they'll negotiate some second home allowances and no-receipt-required food allowances. Plus some office allowances, so they can employ elderly mothers to act as office managers, that sort of this.

And of course, keep it all rather quiet and exempt from scrutiny by the poor cunts who are forced to fund it all.

The Penguin


Old Bag said...

i agree. none of them are worth the money WE pay for them through the tv bollocking license...when we get something half decent that they entertain us with, then MAYBE just maybe they will deserve they're over inflated wages..until then, they can fuck off the cunts.

Anonymous said...

Johnothon Woss £15 million over 4 years plus the perks from advertising? Our Tel wanted £60 grand to front some charity show some tart who no one has ever heard of £92,000 a year for reading the news. The best bit is the BBC won't disclose how much it pays the ( I use this word in the losest sense) talent as its confidential why is it? I can find out how much binmen are on so why can't I findout how much that slimy bastard Jeremy Clarkson is on grubbing our money. What about weather girls? Where the fuck did they come from and how much are they paid I think an idea would be when they are on in the rop right hand corner should how much money they get and top left how many cocks they had to suck to get the job.

mikiwud said...

At least Wogan is one of the few, or only one, on the BBC to ridicule the AGW con and not be silenced.

Joe Public said...

Bugger his salary; I just want his holiday-entitlement!