Thursday, 4 June 2009

Light The Fuse, Retire To A Safe Distance, Await Explosion

The idiots don't really get it do they?

For all I dislike the nasty little ginger dwarf, she has guts and balls that are completely absent in most of her (erstwhile) male colleagues in the cabinet. She didn't stab Gordon in the back, she stuck the fucking knife in his chest whilst giving him a bollocking.

And yet still they spin and brief against her. Even those who, like Voldemort, should know better.

Do they not think that there will be some form of consequence to continuing to try to blacken Hazel's reputation in order to try and lessen the impact of her resignation and the extraordinarily blunt letter that went with it? (No soft soap about being a privilege to serve the Great Snot Gobbler, etc.)

Have they forgotten the impact of Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech in the House of Commons? And he was a fucking dead sheep compared to the perky chipmunk, and Thatcher a much stronger PM than the Prime Mentalist is.

Or, are they deliberately goading her?

The Penguin

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