Friday, 5 June 2009

Jack The Weasel Straw Being Sued Over Murders

"I take full responsibility, the full salary, and all the perks I can swallow!"

About time, and bloody typical it's foreigners showing us how it should be done.

Say what you will about the French, they may have politicians just as cowardly and crass as ours, but they take to the streets or go to their lawyers to protect their interests a fucking sight quicker than we do.

I hope (despite the fact that any costs involved are paid by the taxpayer) they fucking skin the cunt. As well as holding him up to day after day of public ridicule in court.

The Penguin

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Blind Pugh said...

Alas, our Froggie chums are wasting their time. No British politician, let alone Jack Straw, is capable of feeling the emotion "shame". It has been bred out of their DNA. That's why Straw can say he takes responsibility but won't resign. So they can drag him into court but he will not, cannot, see that he is a deluded, arrogant and self-serving cunt who deserves the guillotine.