Thursday, 4 June 2009

It's Not Only In Italy!

"I May Have Blood On My Hands, But Resign? That's The Last Thing I'll Do!"

You might think that the stupidity of sending a top Mafia boss home to await trial rather than keeping him in prison or a secure hospital could only happen in Italy.

Wrong. Similar stupidity happens all too often here, often leading to tragedy.

However, no one important resigns, certainly not the smug hand-wringing cunt Jack Slippery Weasel Straw.

Mr Straw admitted that Sonnex 'could and should' have been in custody at the time he committed the horrific murders.

He said: "In relation to the failings of the probation service, I take full responsibility as Secretary of State. They were unacceptable and had tragic consequences. But I won't be resigning, because I am a complete cunt."

The Penguin


DaveP said...

No one is ever held to account for these cock ups. Lets face it, as things stand , the police and the authorities can do what they want to us, with impunity.

For instance, what is happening about the G20 death of Ian Tomlinson? Long silence, but you can almost hear the cover up. Fucking bastards.

Tweed said...

What would it take to shame the oily cunt into resigning?

He's "responsible" but some pc loon in the Probation Service walks the plank.