Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hoon Of The Day

"My Pension Is Very Nice, Thank You, I Get A Wedge Like This Every Month!"

Andy Hornby.

Arrogant Cunt.

The Penguin


unwashed said...

perhaps we should take to buying our toiletries elsewhere as a protest.

jgm2 said...

I fear that despite your righteous ire for the evil Brown regime you have allowed their propaganda department to divert your attention with their two-minute hate of bankers.

There was a banking crisis in the UK because Brown dithered for months - indeed almost a year - while the banks pleaded with the BoE to lend them some money on an anonymous basis while they got their shit together. Thanks to Gordon's fucking dithering and the shit system he'd put in place news of this desperation was leaking to the markets while Brown was dithering about authorising a bung.

In the meantime the banking system practically collapsed before he finally got it into his thick skull that they were serious. By then it was almost too late. Sentiment had crashed. Consumer confidence had crashed. House prices were crashing.

But Brown knew who to blame.

This squanderfest was never going to end well but thanks to Brown (and Bush - the other member of the axis of idiocy) it was much worse and much more severe than it needed to be.

And likewise thanks to Browns ongoing idiocy the 'cure' will be worse than the disease.

The Penguin said...

Believe me I have plenty of hatred to go round bankers and politicians and loads of others.