Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Good Riddance, You Minging Ginger Dwarf!

"Today I have told the prime mentalist that I am resigning from the Government.

My politics has always been rooted in the belief that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary expense claims, given the right support and encouragement from the Fees Office.

The role of a progressive Government should be to seize power from the people. I've never sought high office for the sake of it, but for what I can gain, and for what I can achieve for the people I represent and serve, my family.

In this next phase of my political life I am redoubling my efforts to squeak up for the people of Salford as their Chipmunk of Parliament. I am returning to the grassroots (where I began), to political activism, to the cut and thrust of political debate.

Most of all I want to help the Labour Party to reconnect with the British people, to remind them that our values are up for sale, that their hopes and dreams are for sale too.

I am glad to be going home to the people who matter the most to me: the Blears family of Salford.

Finally, there's an important set of elections tomorrow. I'm a bit simple: I'll still get out and vote Labour."

Goodbye, fingers crossed the good folk of Salford will choose a different representative to the Westminster Cesspit.

The Penguin

UPDATE: It seems there was more tax avoidance to come out. But never mind, a number 10 spokesweasel said, "She will be replaced very shortly."

So, another fucking dwarf ????


Blind Pugh said...

So is the diminutive cunt fucking off altogether? Or has she just stabbed Gordo in the shiter like the rest of the coawrdly hoons and is leaving the cabinet but trying to hold onto the privy purse as an MP at all costs? Greedy little ginger minger should die.

Blind Pugh said...

BBC News says: "Shahid Malik appointed communities minister after being cleared over expenses."

So Gordo has swapped one vile cunt for another. The man never learns.