Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Fearty From Fife Demonstrates His Lack Of Courage

Wankers' Cramp

Mad nutter Gordon Jonah McBroon, the serial bottler from Kirkcaldy with the dubious "moral compass" who writes books about other peoples' courage but has none of his own demonstrates his lack of leadership skills as the days of revelation drag on.

It is now day 26 or so of the Daily Telegraph's expose of MPs' expenses and allowances, and the Prime Mentalist has "suspended" just two of the many Labour MPs caught bang to rights.

He is too scared to move against such stalwarts as Geof Hoon or Tony McNulty. Of course, there is much talk of a reshuffle, but the lack of talent available to the nutter with the stutter after 12 years of NuLiebore "government" means he will have to scrape the barrel. Maybe he'll drag that blind cunt Blunkett back into the cabinet, or perhaps he could go and dig Robin Cook up. He might have improved after being buried for a few years.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...
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Fidothedog said...

You gave me an idea for a header for the blog.

Blind Pugh said...

Kindly spell my home town correctly: Kirkcaldy. Apart from that, yes, Gordon Broon is a cunt and always was, even at school. Even his father, the minister, said that Gordo was the waste of a good fuck.

The Penguin said...

Sorry about that, have corrected it.

Personally I blame whoever kicked him in the head at rubgy for only doing half the job.