Thursday, 11 June 2009

Another Complete Balls-Up!

"Is It SATS? Baby P? College Funding? Oh No, It's The Fucking School Re-Building Farce!"

The government's project to rebuild or refurbish secondary schools is 3 years behind it's timetable, and £10 million over budget. It has completed just 42 out of the proposed 200 schools in its first 4 years.

Minister for Schools Vernon Croaker said: ‘We’ve never been complacent about BSF. BSF is a completely unprecedented project, not a race to spend money.’

Another triumph for Ed Balls, the man who would be king.

The Penguin


Paul said...

Why am I reminded of Blakey from On the Buses?

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Komplete Kunt.

I could punch him all day. And once I've finished we could indulge in a spot of necklacing.

Evil, evil people that they are.

The Penguin said...

A Pearl Necklace?

Or a Goodyear?

microdave said...

"A Pearl Necklace?" Good God man, even Mandelbum wouldn't be that depraved....

Definitely a Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin etc, If it's good enough for a speed camera, it's good enough for him.

Barking Spider said...

How about a nice,burning Good Year necklace worn at a jaunty angle -accessorised with a piano wire necklace and a lamp post? That would certainly brighten up my day!