Monday 10 January 2011

So What FuckWit Gave This Cheat Citizenship?

Another Thieving African

Having cost the poor taxpayers some £400,000 through deception and fraud, "Amina Muse" gets a derisory jail sentence meaning around 24 months of being fed and watered at our expense, but apparently she can't be deported because she's a British Citizen.

Surely someone should be named, shamed and sacked for giving this preposterous foreign benefits bandit citizenship? Probably some over-paid slacker working for the nonsensical UK Borders Agency? Under the overall management of tossers like McNulty and Woolas....

Don't hold your breath, though.

The Penguin


microdave said...

What, the same "nonsensical UK Borders Agency" who keep stopping this guy?

How come you always go for the "soft" targets, you tossers...

Captain Haddock said...

"So What FuckWit Gave This Cheat Citizenship?"

Presumably the very same Fuckwit(s) who in their self-perceived wisdom decided that the long & glorious history and culture of these Islands badly needed to have some multi-culti added to the mix ..

Anonymous said...

It's high time we established a process to 'ungrant' British Citizenship from anyone who has proved unworthy of it.
That should include anyone with dual-nationality, because they have a second channel to follow.

Dioclese said...

Prime candidate for " a cunt" except that the cunts are us for putting up with it!

Complexmessiah said...

I see no reason why, due to her blatant lying through her teeth on the application, her citizenship shouldn't be revoked and then deport the cunt. Simple. Why the fuck overcomplicate matters so that the bitch benefits even more. Got enough of these cheating cunts already!

banned said...

@Captain Haddock you WILL enjoy the benefits of multi-culti enlightenment and Celebrate our new-found Diversity, or else.

Even if we could get rid of her we would have to keep the results of her breeding.

I do enjoy clicking on the rantier Mail comments.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

I think the word "tosser" is very generous when describing the ability and character of Woolas and MacNulty

Angry Exile said...

If you lie to acquire Australian citizenship they can revoke it.

Australian citizenship can be revoked if:
* you have been convicted of making a false statement or representation in relation to your application to become an Australian citizen
* you are convicted of a serious criminal offence at any time prior to becoming a citizen involving a sentence of 12 months or more
* your approval to become an Australian citizen was gained as a result of migration-related fraud
your approval to become an Australian citizen was gained as a result of third party fraud; for example, fraudulent conduct by a migration agent in the citizenship application
* it would be contrary to the public interest for you to remain an Australian citizen.

Pretty simple, so why can't Britain do it? Is there any possibility the EU has said it isn't allowed?