Wednesday 26 January 2011

Three Years For "Bonking Tommy" Sheridan

"Never mind, Tommy, it's a right result for me!"

Some good news amongst the gloom. That "socialist firebrand" Tommy Sheridan has been sent to jail for 3 years for perjury.

Not only does this get the sex-mad nutter off the streets and out of the swingers clubs for a few months, it opens the door to the News of the World to get their £200,000 and their legal costs back.

Add that to his own legal costs, which clever Tommy tried to minimise by representing himself in his own defence, and this whole fiasco will have been an expensive exercise in futility by the fuckwit.

Never mind, Tommy, your wife has said she'll stand by you.

The Penguin


Wrinkled Weasel said...

It's Tommy's visceral hatred of Rupert Murdoch what did it.

Lefties need hate. Hate propels, drives and delivers. Hate works.etc.

Loki said...

Fuck me, I thought they were Oompah Loompas.

he'll do ok said...

Tommy never got the £200K. It was withheld pending the appeal.
The million he gets from the Newscorp phone hacking case should cover his costs. Then his book deal/ film deal. Then his new column in The Sun ( sic) " Citizen Tommy jailhouse lawyer speaks out " or something similar.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Mind you it won't stop his arse hurting so much will it.

Anonymous said...

Despite Tommy being a bit of a twat, I do not see why his private habits should be used against him by the media, unless it is in opposition to his politics.

As a Libertarian, I don't give a f***!

Perjury is serious business.