Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Just What The Fuck Is The Problem?

There's another huge squealing and squeaking from the poor down-trodden trough-pigs in Westminster over their new "hard-line" expenses regime. Seems the poor little piggies feel hard-done by in having to cough up receipts and prove what they have spent tax-payers' money on, and they don't fucking like it.

Then there's the IPSA staff, who seem unable to cope with whingeing troughers.

For fuck's sake, clear the fucking decks and hire in some experienced accountants from some companies in the private sector who are actually used to administering ordinary expenses regimes that have to stand up to PAYE inspection. There's only one rule that really matters. "Wholly, Necessarily and Exclusively" in the actual execution of the trough-pig's duties as an MP or minister.

Otherwise it's a benefit in kind and subject to tax. And penalties.

If in doubt, troughers, pay it out of your own fucking salaries same as we have to. And stop fucking complaining, you're over-fucking paid as it is.

The Penguin


Joe Public said...

"...clear the fucking decks and hire in some experienced accountants from some companies in the private sector"

Now that'd be expensive. For us taxpayers.

It just needs a couple of people with common sense, and a knowledge of 'the rules'. And one additional rule: "Any MP making a claim not in accordance with the rules, will forfeit the right to make any further claim for the duration of their parliamentary employment."

A mild punishment compared with those in the Police or HMRC (& some other professions) who would have lost both job AND pension for fiddle similar to the previous bunch of Troughers.

Dioclese said...

As I have said many times before, we already have an independant executive agency that is expert in assessing these sorts of claims - it's called the Inland Revenue.

Give it to them and let them police it. That'll sort 'em out.

F***W*T TW****R said...

Take the Fuckers off salary and pay them tightly controlled expenses. Unless they studied Political Science at uni, in which case slaughter them and their whole bloodline and nominate them for a Darwin Award.

Dave said...

Do we really need 650 of these eu administrators, in addition to 700 + political appointees in the HoL? We aren't running an empire now.