Tuesday 11 January 2011

Wanker Of The Month Award

The Wanker Works For You, Ken!

Such a tough decision, but the Wanker Of The Month Award goes to Sharanjit Nagra, of the National Offender Management Service, part of the so-called Ministry of Justice.

Sharanjit Nagra has refused to name 7 escaped convicts, on the run in some cases for several years, in case this would infringe the scrotes rights to privacy.
Not only is this flying in the face of decency and commonsense, it is also diametrically opposed to what the MoJ has done in the past.

Who is this wanker and what authority does he have over MoJ policy?

The Penguin


K.McEgan said...

I'm guessing that the authority he has over them is that he's a 'effnik' and that if they make a move against him he will squeal 'Waaaaaaythisthts !!!!!' and the Righteous will come running to his aid....

Just a guess.

erm said...

Anything to do with 1> his ethnicity and/or religion & 2> their ethnicity and/or religion? What are the odds on them all belonging to 'the religion of peace'?

Anonymous said...

Actually it’s a woman