Friday 14 January 2011

More EUSSR Lunacy - Why Am I Not Surprised?

Seems the Commissariat are getting more blatant.

They have spent over 4 MILLION quid on diaries for schoolchildren which carefully list all sorts of important holy days and holidays and feast days - but which "forget" to mention Christmas or Easter.
Still, it'll keep the ethnics happy.
The Penguin


Jack Straw said...

I suppose it will help identify days when "Asian" men may be in a mood for celebration and particularly looking to pick up 13 yr old white girls with negligent parents and a taste for vodka

Captain Haddock said...

No change there then ..

"Nothing to see .. move along now" ..

erm said...

Thank f*** my kids are well beyond the age of having to take part in that pile of shite. 'So Jimmy, what is 3 x 3? I don't rightly know but I can give you the dates for Ramadan for the next 10 years.'

Caratacus said...

£4 million quid on diaries which will STILL be filled with entries that read:

Monday: Nothing happened
Tuesday: Nothing happened
Wednesday: Nothing happened
Thursday: Nothing happened...

I suppose the weight entry in the personal details won't read "six stone soaking wet" it'll be "15 stone and then some" (proper measurements)

S said...

I bet that the omission of the Christian festivals was deliberate insolence, in order to provoke impotent ranting; because impotent ranting is our only remaining option and we may as well get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Not just the EUSSR.