Tuesday 18 January 2011

Lord Taylor Is Not The Only Thieving Peer

Lord Taylor is quite rightly in court for fiddling his expenses so as to claim money he was not entitled to. He pretended that his principle residence was out of London so he could claim for travel costs and the costs of his genuine home.

Although this may have been "common practice" and even encouraged by the useless "system" he clearly knew it was wrong or he would not have lied about his fictitious other homes to journalists.

So, the noble peer is bang to rights.

BUT - he's not the only one, is he? There's the noble Baroness Uddin, and the noble Lord Paul, amongst many others. And following on from the example set recently by an honourable member in the Lower House in bubbling some of his colleagues, we can expect to hear about them soon!

Then there's the many similar cases in that fragrant Lower Chamber - remember Jacqui Smith, anyone?

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

And these are only the ones we all know about ..

The entire Membership of both Houses should be scrutinised in fine detail & anyone found to have made or who is suspected of making, or having made fraudulent claims should be sent for trial .. just as they would be in any other walk of life ..

Ours used to be know as the "Mother of Parliaments" .. it has degenerated into the "Mother of Thieves" ..

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Or alternatively the Motherfu**er of all Parliaments

Captain Haddock said...

In many ways, England hasn't really moved on at all ..

In the Middle Ages the indigenous people of this country were under the heel of foreign "Robber Barons" .. pretty well most of whom were Norman or of Norman descent ..

Today, only the nationalities & origins of the robbers has changed ..

Oh, as well as becoming "inclusive" to allow "Robber Baroness's" their turn at the trough..

Anonymous said...

That slimy pig Uddin! Bangladeshi swine Uddin! My eyes! My eyes!

The father of a friend of mine is a lord - a proper one. He's quite poor - lives in a tiny flat and works at a menial job despite being past retirement age. He could ask his children for money but chooses not to do to.

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They get a vote, he doesn't, because his great-grandfather was a war hero. And he wasn't a fucking minority.

That's justice for you.

Blair succeeded. He raped the HoL and changed it immutably. I hope that his entire family is targeted by extremists and they live in abject terror for the rest of their stinking, miserable, Catholic lives. for the false wars visited by the erstwhile PM.

These Moslems are fucking spastics, though. Fatwa against Rushdie and not against Blair? Stupid camel punchers.