Tuesday 4 January 2011


Leader of Labour-run Exeter City Council, Pete Edwards

Since the rubbish piling up in Exeter is "not a problem" according to the leader of the local council responsible for "collecting" it, may I suggest that local residents adopt a local solution, and go and pile it up in Pete Edwards pristine garden?

Then they could start on his street frontage...before toddling along to the council offices with any they have left over.

Fucking imbeciles like this in their tin-pot council castles handing over ever more piles of other people's money to vastly over-paid executives who think nothing of appointing another outreach diversity (lesbians and pikeys) officer whilst sacking lollipop ladies make me sick.

Folk in other blighted communities can follow suit, you don't have to live in Exeter!

The Penguin


Ed P said...

Make sure the rubbish cannot be traced back to you. Councils employ snoops already (to check you are "recycling" the right shit), so no addressed envelopes, bills, etc. or you could get a shock. Rotting fish heads are best!

Jayce Kay said...

Or alternatively, put 'home made' correspondence of someone you disdain in the bag of rubbish, along with the aforementioned fish heads.

S said...

How come a bloke with a moustache and TWO enamel lapel badges is regarded as anything but suspicious?
Does he live in near Clifton?

Anonymous said...

He's got "cunt" written all over him, hasn't he?

That'll teach the local inbreeds to vote labour!