Tuesday 25 January 2011

Record Breaker!

Good old Lord Taylor!

First Black Candidate for Cheltenham (failed)!

First Black Tory Peer!!

First parliamentarian convicted by a jury for fiddling his expenses (the other bastards copped pleas to get reduced porridge)!

Considering he was supposed to be a hot-shot barrister specialising in criminal law I think I'd be asking for my fees to be returned had the noble peer acted in my defence, as he's quite obviously not the sharpest chisel in the tool chest.

His false expense claims were pathetic in amount and direly lacking in deviousness - at least that odious fat slug Baroness Uddin went for a decent wedge.

Sincerely hope he gets a strongly deterrent sentence. 15 years has a nice ring to it.

Then send Plod back to nick Uddin and Paul and a good few others.

The Penguin


Dioclese said...

Spot on. Let's keep 'em coming I say.

I have nominated this bastard for a spell in Old Nick's oven on Unforgiven - I reckon there could be queue.

Nothing worse than an uppity coon

microdave said...

On behalf of "uppity coons" everywhere, I take great offence at that statement.

I demand compensayshun.....

Umbongo said...

Presumably he keeps his peerage so it's not all bad news.

I am Stan said...

Dioclese said "Nothing worse than an uppity coon"

Oh yes there is old boy, uppity Stan!