Sunday 17 January 2010

Senior Civil Servants Think McBroon Is A Cunt - Official!

Not Just A Cunt, A Fucking UGLY Cunt!

Well, what a surprise!

Senior civil servants who have had the "pleasure" of working with NuLiebore think Gordoom is a cunt.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

They should know!

Unknown said...

The senior civil servants blaming Brown are just as much to blame: pots and kettles! It's time we got back to the spoils system in this country and sacked all senior civil servants when the party in power changes.

ceisesse said...

No 418. Its time that ever having belonged to a political party automatically disqualifies you from holding a position where political belief can influence your decisions. So judges, Chiefs of Police, Heads of government departments, Commissioning editors of the BBC and a host of other jobs should be filled by apolitical people.

Only a small number of people belong to political parties, yet their patronage spreads far and wide and corrupts our society. Why the hell can people not do the job they are employed to do by the people rather than the job they were given because they were in the party.

Debastardification it could be called.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the USA. “conspicuous lack of a single coherent strategy for government”.
Sounds like the Obama Administration.

subrosa said...

There was a report out about how No 10 and Whitehall are run RR and it wasn't good. Bit in the Telegraph I think about it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the startling resemblence between Jonah McBroon and Zimbabwe's equally well-loved premier Mr Robert Mugabe? Whilst it is true that these gentlemen have the Midas touch in common I wonder if they could by also be related by any chance?

Unknown said...

I am a little appalled at your misuse of such a wonderful word. A "CUNT" is a delightful and delicious part of a woman ! Brown is merely an arrogant ASSHOLE ! Please, have some respect for the women in this world !! (Of course, Iron Maggies had a 'cunt' but she, too, was merely and arrogant, stupid ASSHOLE !