Tuesday 26 January 2010

That's Stormont Fucked, Then!

Just How Much Ugliness Can You Squeeze Into One Car?

I suspect the Stormont "Power Carve Up" will collapse completely now.

Poor Mr. Robinson not only has to put up with all his wife's little indiscretions and a spotlight veering rather close to his own financial affairs, now he's got Jonah McDoom jetting in, alongside that fat ugly porker from Dublin who sold the Irish down the EUSSR drain.

He's doomed!

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

As an Irisher from the South, I have to say, what the fuck business is it of Brian Cowan (also from the South)what happens up in the North? It's a sifferent country you couple of fuckwits. A bit like Spain horning in on something France were/weren't doing. Yeah, Stormont & the North will be completely fucked by those pair of incompetent cunts. Cowan is regarded in Southern Ireland with all the love & admiration that we reserve for McSnot.

Oldrightie said...

Just How Much Ugliness Can You Squeeze Into One Car?

How come you pose a question when the answer sits above it? That has to bwe some maxed out car for the volume of it's content.

Sandy said...

Are they twins ?

richard said...

a minister in the North wants a night-time curfew for newly-qualified drivers. shift-work? night studies at the tech? tough shit, you might crash, so you can't go. So be careful what you wish for, Paddy.
Two unelected PMs (Fat Rick Moranis' party doesn't stand there, Labour hasn't stood since the 1980s) will now solve the irish Problem that's been ongoing for 1200 years. 50 days to save the earth, and all that.
102 MPs for 1.5 million people, a fair-sized English town, can't solve the problem. Which is, simply, that one lot want to march down a street with swords and drums (free country and all that) and the other lot don't want them to (no sense of humour since losing a battle in 1690, and they don't want reminded, several times a year, that they're the enemy and they lost. Free country and all that.)
A huge fuck-up looms.

Umbongo said...

Just How Much Ugliness Can You Squeeze Into One Car?

Margaret Beckett and "Baroness" Ashton could have been added for a world-class full set.

Leg-iron said...

There's still room in that car for Jo Brand and Baroness Ashtray.

Although that might lead to an ugliness critical mass and and explosion of revolting saggy features that would make Max Wall into a centrefold.

Or worse - they might breed! Oh, the horror...

Leg-iron said...

Umbongo - I forgot about Mrs. Bucket. Add one Prescott to the mix and the genetic results could keep science in business for centuries.

It would save those SETI folk the trouble of looking for other species off-world, too.

The Sentinel said...

Leg-Iron wrote:

"add Jo Brand and Baroness Ashtray"

Fecking hilarious. Though Jo B actually has talent. Brown & Cowen are a pair of lying, cheating and ugly as deck see-you-next-Tuesdays.

And that's the problem. They are involved in the future of this country. Well, of course it's going to be a feck-up.