Wednesday 6 January 2010

Silence Is Golden, Shit Is Brown.

Odd how there's a deathly silence from all of the supposedly loyal Cabinet heavyweights in the Prime Mentalist's Government Of All The Wankers over the call by That Cunt Hoon and the dreadful Hewitt harridan for a secret ballot of the Parliamentary Labour Party over the question of McCavity's lack of leadership.

Where's Mandy? Is Ed Balls too busy sucking McDoom's cock to make a statement? The Badger? Jack the Weasel?

Poor Snotty, truely a man with no real friend in all the world.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Blinky Testicles has been told to go out and whinge or else him and the boy Mrs are toast! imagine that, plunging from £1 million quid to just 200 grand.

microdave said...

Fuck me - TWO pictures of the ugly twat, one after the other?

I think I might have to un-tick the "Load Images Automatically" box....

Anonymous said...

.... and Brown is shit.

St Paul said...

So sad!
He needs to be put out of my misery; because it is the right thing to do.