Friday 15 January 2010

Completely Divorced From Reality Or What?

The fuckwit who has been appointed chief plod in the shit-hole on earth that is South Wales has declared that he is now too important and too fucking precious to do his own fucking shopping.
I wonder what else he now has to have done for him? Is he still able to wipe his own arse? Does a hand-picked team of constables have to take turns shagging his fucking wife? Does he have someone to howl at the moon for him, or does he still feel able to do that for himself?

The complete wanker!

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

What a toss-pot .. this pillock is head of a Toy-Town Police Force in "Bum-Fuck, Rhonnda Valley" .. not head of the chuffing CIA .. Who does he think would waste their time attempting to "top" him ?

Given his over-inflated obsession with his own importance .. I'm amazed he ever progressed beyond his Probationary period ..

He's obviously been promoted well beyond his meagre abilities .. I'd suggest its time for him to seek alternative employment ..

Perhaps as Chief Executive of Global Non-entities Plc ?

Captain Swing said...

I doubt he has a wife.

He looks like the type of sad act surpressed gayboy that still lives at home with his mummy.

Anonymous said...

Typical fast-tracked filth - nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Dont call it a Police Force now known as Police Farce. See the papers taking on recruits 4ft or less.
Liebour has turned the country into a joke.
Glad I got out 6 years ago.

GoodnightVienna said...

The answer to your question, Pingu, is 'both'. Next week we'll hear that Vaughan has employed a food taster. As you say: wanker of the first order.

Fidothedog said...

Penquin, fucking class. I am cross posting this on my site.

Fuckin 10/10.

Anonymous said...

'Web Cop' to patrol internet for anti-police comments'

The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police is contributing to a blog here:

Let him know what you think.

Joe Public said...

Ironic that the highly-paid coward won't go into a supermarket without backup, yet officers are sent on patrol without a minder.

"A female police officer has been beaten unconscious and kicked in the head, during a routine stop-check on a Transit van that had its rear number plate missing."

Captain Haddock said...

Ahhh .. but once you've attended "Brands Hatch" (Bramshill) and had backbone & brain removed, you're considered to be one of the "elite" & far too valuable to risk sending out there where, God forbid you might have to commit pen to paper .. or even worse have to arrest someone and so risk personal injury ..

Oh No, no , no .. better you stay in a nice, warm secure office & tinker with the paper-clips whilst letting the "underlings" deal with the realities of Policing .. and then criticising from a safe distance ..

Screech said...

If he does have a wife, then what does she look like? i'm sure I can manage a little bit of fucking in his stead if she is agreeable of countenance.

Anonymous said...

Yet if it was the other way round and a civilian had been beaten unconcious... it's called 'line of duty'.

Sorry... but the Police need a good kicking every now and again to make them realise:

a) They are not above the law.
b) They serve the public NOT themselves/the government.

Anonymous said...

His comment on his promotion was "an absolute thrill".

An Absolute Thrill?

God help us.