Tuesday 5 January 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

"No more Boom and Bust!"

Oh dear, it seems that The Prime Mentalist's spin-machine is totally out of control. Now they lies they peddle are refuted before the fucking ink is dry on the newsprint!

The other day the White House blew Gordoom's claims on Yemen out of the water, and today they are rubbishing his claims to have told US intelligence agencies about the Detroit Underwear Arsonists links to extremists.

Snotty is becoming an international joke with our supposed main ally. Maybe they've noticed that he keeps blaming them for the recession which "started in America?"

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Over the years I have travelled and worked in many other countries - I have many friends in America and elsewhere. Most have, at one time or another, expressed respect for this country and it's people.

No longer can I hold my head up - I am now utterly, utterly embarrassed by our government and its incompetent and socially inept leader. The daily moronic government outpourings just drag us all deeper into the mire of world irrelevance.

This entire government, and its previous leader, should all be tried for treason.

Oldrightie said...

Vervet, your observations apply to The UIk as well. However our couch potatoe client state will happily vote to remain the dustbin of The West.

Anonymous said...

He's such an ugly bastard too - his 'inner self' displayed large for all the world to see. How on earth did he manage to get a shag in the days of BM (Before Marriage)when he used to tout his sorry arse cruising around Provincetown & Martha's Vineyard?

Blind Pugh said...

I see the Labourites are panicking and the Hoon of Hoons has taken out his sharpest sword and is trying to disembowel Jonah. Much good may it do them. The daft cunts will probably go for Lady Mendelson thinking that poofy bastard can save their sorry arses.

Sit back and watch the bloodbath.