Tuesday 12 January 2010

Lock The Bastard Up - And Take His Pension Away!

Seems things are not going to plan for dodgy Iranian corrupt Met cop Ali Dizaei.

His mean streak has rather fucked him, refusing to cough up a paltry £500 and then trying to fit up the bloke he owed the money to has blown up in his face.

Of course, he may have an easier time in court had he still been able to call upon the services of his compatriot, the charlatan "lawyer" friend of Keith Vaz, Shahrok Mireskandari, who sadly has troubles of his own.

The Penguin


Barking Spider said...

It's about time this cunt got what's coming to him!

Anonymous said...

I will die a relatively happy man if this mendacious thieving corrupt third world cunt of cunting cunt gets convicted and then lolses everything he has corruptly obtained and especially his position and status none of which is deserved. he's no more a police officer than Anjem Choudary or Captain Hook. All achieved through the fear of racism. Still he can always live off wife no 2's 'earnings'! I see the white bitch wised up an divorced him. I could speculate on her settlement and 'support' during his last trial.

Let's hope the prosecution evidence is watertight. It has to be as this fuckpig is as slippery as a well oiled snake.

Anonymous said...

Pity we can't just strip the corrupt peice of crap of British citizenship and boot him back to Iran.

Anonymous said...

I find it very amusing how you have taken a huge bite out of 'media pie'! It is evident that this man is on the end of a racist witch hunt; it happened 4 years ago (found innocent) and it is happening again. Do you honestly side with a small-bit Iraqi thug over an unblemished Met Commander with a PhD in Law. In 1 months time he will be found innocent and the newspapers will be reeling out apologies, whilst you idiots have no leg to stand on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38

How do you know he is innocent, seems rather like his style.
And it's funny you raise the subject of racism as without such concepts this over promoted thug wouldn't have been fast tracked because of his ethnicity in the first place.
You yourself are racist referring to the
'small-bit Iraqi thug', he is in fact an IT professional seeking payment for his services.
Now crawl back into your hole, troll.