Saturday 2 January 2010

Hard To Believe, Even For Nu-Liebore

Bad and Mad

Hot on the heels of Chief Weasel Jack Straw's attempt to curry favour with the electorate by hypocritically bashing the police comes news of the appointment of Harriet Harmperson as Nu-liebore's "face of the election campaign".

Given that they have the most hated twat in Great Britain as the Prime Mentalist, one might understand them wanting to have someone else fronting their efforts to hoodwink the electorate yet again, but it is a strange choice.

The mad bitch will surely do a wonderful job of ensuring they bury themselves.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

A master stroke redolent of Snotty's incompetence!

Get Smart said...

Thank you Snotty McDoom almost as good a decision as selling off our gold.

banned said...

Come on Harpie, let's here more Equality and Diverity bollox for the election to piss off even more what's left of your 'core vote' or does that now consist soley of the armies of middle class wankers you pay handsomely to 'look after' the Evil Poor (c.Nightjack)?

Anonymous said...

Harridan Harperson may attract the women voters? Don't think so. I'm a feminist woman & believe in equality but that's the diference between me & Harri - 'equality' not Harri's manhating gospel of 'all men (particularly white men) are rapists & paedos'. Personally, I think she's as mentally sick as her boss & would never vote for her. But it's good to have her & her Equality Act as the flagship of Labour election policies - it'll keep her craziness in the forefront of voters' minds & win many votes - for the other Parties.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think they can't get more incompetent!