Tuesday 26 January 2010

New Photo Competition - Spot The Wanker!!

Jailed For Wanking - Should Have Listened To His Mum....

Tricky one, this.

Still, you can always have a guess!

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

What a great pity there isn't a provision for chemically castrating perverts like this ..

Had the girl in question been my daughter, I can assure you the bastard wouldn't have made it to Court .. or if he did it would have been via an Ambulance & on sticks ..

Any punishment I received for my actions would be considered well worth it ..

I sincerely hope the appropriate Professional body will revoke his certificate to practice ..

Leg-iron said...

He confused the window display with a bathroom?

He should see an optician.

A proper one. One without sticky fingers or odd smudges on his glasses.

Tell you what, I'll be very suspicious of broad-shouldered people in future. I always wondered what form of exercise produced those.

Captain Haddock - Chemical castration is expensive.

Two bricks are cheaper, and re-usable many times, so therefore come with Green approval too.

It's also completely painless - as long as you don't get your fingers between them.

Uncle Marvo said...

Just a guess - is it the bloke with the hair gel and the grey tie?

Nasty punishment though, having to sign the sex offender's register for 10 years.

I had a really hard pusinshment once. I was banned from being a Director. Ooh-er. Scary. The stigma, etc etc.

This bloke http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7426487.stm is also a cunt. He got out in 2009, so two and a half years is bollocks.

He now lives in funded (by you) accommodation and his address and new identity are secret.

I suppose I could tell you what it is though, as my kids were the subject of one of his pictures. Luckily, nothing too dodgy, and they don't know about it, so no harm done. Luckily, for him.