Friday 8 January 2010

Mad Bitch In Court

"You Know Who I Am!" "Yes, You Are A Cunt!"

Sadly she may not have to appear in person, but it is still quite gratifying the the ex-Solicitor General is in court over her motoring offences. However, why was the cunt not also charged with failing to stop and provide her insurance details as required by law? You or I would be charged, you can bet your last dollar on that, as it is an easy win for the CPS and more money for the treasury.

So why not charge the Harridan with that one?

Do you suppose it's because it's the one charge she could not plead "not guilty" to and therefore not get off on the benefit of the doubt and previous good character (!) malarkey? Fucking cynical old Penguin, eh?

Still, she's bang to rights in her very own Court of Public Opinion, and it seems she's none too popular with either Gordoom's cronies or his enemies for encouraging TCH and Hewitt and then evaporating once she smelled which way the winds were blowing.

The Penguin


Ron Broxted said...

You genuinely ask this question? She gets away with it because the law is made by rich white public school types for white rich public school types You live in a nation where two 7 year old girls were arrested for putting a rainbow in chalk on a pavement. Maya Evans reads out the names of war dead & is nicked. The Simmons feral youths persecuted the Pilkingtons to death. Nowt was done. Here is your revenge...UCZ 8846, Grey Ford, unmarked PSNI vehicle. Plod delenda est.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Well, we all knew she would deny the charges, but surely:

(1) The person she crashed into must be a witness and brought in to the court?

(2) Mobile phone records will decide whether she is lying?

She can't just say it's not true, there must be documented evidence to back this up.

Anonymous said...

"Here is your revenge...UCZ 8846, Grey Ford, unmarked PSNI vehicle. Plod delenda est."

Oh dear. It looks like McEgan's medication is beginning to wear off.

Fantasizing about big beefy policemen again, McEgan ?!?!

Oooh matron.

McEgan's sphincter delenda Estee Lauder.

Anonymous said...

She failed to stop and failed to report. Serious offences. She only needs to produce insurance at the scene if there are injuries. She must of course produce to a constable.

Cate Munro said...

Mad bitch indeed! 350 big ones and let off the second charge - unfuckingbelieveable!

Penguin, my blog has now changed to if you'd be so kind as to update your blogroll feed :-) Many thanks x

Ron Broxted said...

Randalstown One Nil.

Hacked Off said...

Ron, piss off and find somehwere that finds you amusing!

Laurence said...

Well this IS odd - the charge concerning use of a mobile phone which Harman denied was dropped.


Speaking after the case, Michael Jennings, of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said by pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention, Ms Harman also admitted using her phone.

He said: "In accepting Ms Harman's guilty plea, the CPS was satisfied that the court would have enough sentencing power to impose a penalty which could reflect her total offending."

So apparently the magistrates were free to sentence her in a way that additionally reflected an offence which Harman had denied and for which charges had been dropped.

Cloud Cuckoo Land welcomes careless drivers if they're Labour ministers.

Blind Pugh said...

Presumably the demented cunt will just claim the cost of the fine from her Parliamentary Expenses? So no real harm done to the vile bitch.

Anonymous said...

'Ron Broxted' is actually K.McEgan. A fat, Oirish poofter who supports the UAF fascists, hates white people but simply *adores* black cock.

He's a cunt. He changed his fake identity to try and cover his tracks but unfortunately you can still see his photo here :

McEgan the Fat Oirish Poofter

What a total cunt, eh ?

Craig Lynch said...

Anon you post Big Ron's photograph often. Do you masturbate whilst doing so;)