Monday 18 January 2010

Blunkett Can't See Labour Winning!

So what's fucking new? Next he'll be telling us he can see no fault in Gordon Brown!

The Penguin


Joe Public said...

For once, an honest statement from a Politician.

Captain Haddock said...

It reminds me of the day I was passing New Scotland Yard & they were staging a publicity stunt alongside that ludicrous revolving sign ..

Blunkett, who was then Home Secretary was looking into the boot of a dark blue Jag (or similar) car .. at a pile of "dirty" money allegedly seized from crooks ..

For all he knew, it could have been piles of cut-up newsprint ..

About as big a "con" as Peter Brough with Archie Andrews, the Radio ventriloquist ..

Anonymous said...

When Blunkett and his abhorrent NuLiebore party are kicked out this year, could he take his 'Blunkett's Bobbies' with him?

I'm referring to those bacon butty eating, walk around all day doing f' all jobsworths, overweight/over-payed 'PCSO' muppets who solve one crime every 4 years...

Useless muppets

Captain Haddock said...

Anon @ 0720 ..

Just like to point out that whilst I agree totally with your views on PCSO's .. they aren't trained, equipped or permitted to investigate crime ..

They are there simply to fulfil ACPO's promise to "Put more uniforms on the streets" .. they might just as well have used Bus conductors ..

Dave said...

Too many words in the title.
The first three are enough

Anonymous said...

"'PCSO' muppets who solve one crime every 4 years..."

Where's your proof of this please.
That seems a little high to me.