Monday 25 January 2010

Banana Boy Millipede In Denial

"It's as obvious as this banana I'm holding!"

The alien-lookalike boy wonder David Millipede, taking a break from making a fool of himself rimming Hilary Clinton, declares that things have got better for the poorest in our country under the wondrous reign of Nu-Liebore.

Just what the cunt knows about living in poverty on a sink estate could be written on the tip of a fucking needle.

What a wankstain he is.

The Penguin


Uncle Marvo said...

You're talking shit.

Only under New Labour would a humble man have the opportunity to elevate himself from stacking shelves in Tesco, to delivering post, to fucking up Hull, Pensions, Industry, Education and The Health Service in only a very few years.

You're just jealous.

David Milibland said...

You rotter. The banana was in my left hand!

Hacked Off said...

Now now, Uncle, no need to be rude, you fuckwipe!

That's Alan "Brains" Johnson, not David "Banana" Millipede you're on about, whereas I'm sticking a metaphorical banana up Millipede's fundament.


microdave said...

Of course they have a better standard of living now - More benefits, Plasma TV's, Play Stations, Bigger Houses, etc, etc.

Not that Banana Boy has ever been down to a typical Sink Estate to find out....

John Pickworth said...

"Just what the c*** knows about living in poverty on a sink estate could be written on the tip of a fucking needle."

Or, as some other of 'our betters' will discover; on a short 4 part Channel 4 documentary.

Starting 1st February, Tower Block of Commons sees four politicians swap their comfortable taxpayer funded homes to move into taxpayer funded council estates across the country - should be an interesting contrast then?

Liberal Democrat Mark Oaten experiences the dire housing conditions of Goresbrook Village in Barking. But he's upset (to the degree he's shown face down on the ground crying) when verbally attacked by local youths about his past 'youth employment scheme'.

Conservative Tim Loughton finds out first-hand what some residents really think of politicians on the gang-divided Newtown estate in Birmingham.

Austin Mitchell and his wife Linda (that's two appearance fees plus expenses then please) are shocked by poor living conditions and a drug problem on the Orchard Park estate in Hull.

And former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith learns a thing or two on the Carpenters estate in Stratford, East London.

Who knows. Hopefully David Millipenis will set his Sky+ and learn how his appreciative poor have spent his handouts?