Tuesday 30 November 2010

What Are The Odds On Julian Assange Seeing Christmas 2011?

Although I can't for the life of me see what all the fuss is about over the publication of gossip and tittletattle made into "gospel" by being sent by third rate diplomats to their over-weening State Department, Julian Assange has undoubtedbly annoyed a lot of people.

"There are the mysterious “insurance files” that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has encouraged supporters to download and store in case something happens to either him or his website.

The first file appeared earlier this summer, four days after the website published its famous Afghan war logs. A link to another file was released earlier this week on Twitter alongside the statement: “Now is a good time to download some ‘history insurance’”.

The contents of these files are currently encrypted. But as Assange remarked earlier this year in a pointed threat against any attempts to stifle his organisation: “All we have to do is release the password to that material and it’s instantly available.”

It’s a shrewd move. Were the US to succeed in permanently taking down the Wikileaks website, they could be faced with a potential Pandora’s Box of previously unpublished information that might make the current leaks look like a picnic.

“It could all be a very elaborate double bluff,” says one cyber-warfare specialist who asked to remain anonymous. “But knowing how deeply anti-American Wikileaks is, my hunch is those files would contain something that could really sting the US if they ever took action against Assange.” (From the so-called Independent)

So, anyone who is a tad irritated by the unwanted publicity and who is also anti-American now has even more motivation to have Mr. Assange whacked.

Good policy?

The Penguin


Sres said...

These leaks tell us nothing we didn't already know, it just confirms what we suspected.

I'm expecting them to get worse and worse as the weeks go, so what we're seeing at this present time isn't really breath taking.

I'm hoping for more shit on Gordon Brown, hopefully enough to have him hung for treason.

Captain Haddock said...

"I'm hoping for more shit on Gordon Brown, hopefully enough to have him hung for treason" ...

Not forgetting that lying, deceitful, mendacious cunt Blair .. together with his henchmen Mangledbum & Campell ..

And if he doesn't get his act together & start "batting" for Britain .. sodding Cameron can join 'em ..

Methinks its time to re-assemble the multi-legged scaffold at Tyburn again ..

Michael Fowke said...

How about some leaks from the European Union? Now, they would be interesting!

Captain Haddock said...

What .. like Herman van Rompuy is a jumped-up little nobody, Cafe Ashtray makes a motorway pile-up look appealing .. and the unspeakable Kinnock pillocks are coining it in ??

Joe Public said...

Maybe he should book the accommodation offered in that Swedish prison.

Dioclese said...

I would have thought this Christmas is looking quite unlikely...

Sir Henry Morgan said...


As long as that?

banned said...

Ghost of Ramon Mercader awaiting?

Like you say Penguin, so far it is all shit, gossip and trite crap.
The BBC breathlessly reported yesterday that Wikileaks 'revealed' Obama rebuffed both Gordon Brown and Dave over UFO hacker Gary McKinnon.
That comes under "We already knew that" does it not? Just like most of the ''revelations' to date.

"David Cameron was seen as “lightweight” by Barack Obama"

"Prince Charles does not command the same respect as the Queen, "

"Silvio Berlusconi responded to leaked claims by American diplomats that he has a penchant for “wild parties” by claiming he only throws parties in a “proper, dignified and elegant way”.

"American officials suspect that North Korea has been secretly aiding Iran in its attempts to build nuclear weapons "

"The White House has told federal agencies to tighten security around the US military computer network following the leaking of classified information"

&etc. all of them either not new, not surprising or not interesting.

Somewhere though will be hidden a small amount of black Ops Downright lies that will be behind this whole charade.