Monday 8 November 2010

Go For It Phil, You Have Nothing To Lose (Except Your Money!)

Good news! Little Phil "Custard-Pie" Woolas is undeterred by the first legal rebuff, and encouraged by his solicitors is preparing to make m'learned friends even richer out of his own pockets as he has been cut adrift by the morally whiter than white cunts in the Nu-Liebore party.

Despite a clear as could be decision by Mr Justice Silber, who declared unambiguously that a decision of the election court dealing with parliamentary election petitions "is not amenable to judicial review because it is a decision of High Court judges sitting in their capacity as High Court judges".

It was "settled law" that the decisions of High Court judges sitting in their capacity as High Court judges "cannot be subject of applications for judicial review".

He did hold out the prospect of going to the Court of Appeal. I do hope that little Phil is wooden-headed enough to go along with his legal eagle.

After all, like the Ritz, the law is open to everyone.

The Penguin


Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Hopefully the useless turd ends up sleeping rough

aweemih said...

Much bleating from some MPs about how this has 'set a precedent'. Despite it happening before!

From the article:
But Tory MP Edward Leigh said it was for "people to evict MPs not judges".

We currently cannot except at an election and Woolas has no cause to remain an MP in the mean time. He gained that position under false pretences. As Guido likes to highlight - Chris Huhne made much of his family life before the election and then was found to have been seeing another woman. Perhaps the losers in his constituency should take the same action.

Oh the temerity that someone who fibbed on their election pamphlets is made to pay the price. Is being honest really that difficult for them?

Captain Haddock said...

"Is being honest really that difficult for them" ? ...

The concept is totally alien to them .. every last one, not just Woolarse ..

He, by his own criminal actions has rendered himself unemployed .. therfore, he is not (under current legislation) entitled to any kind of Benefits ..

I'd love to see him in the gutter .. so that I can piss on him, whilst going to collect my Pension (such as it is) .. Along with the words .. "That's from me and the Gurkhas" ..

Anonymous said...

Fuck of Haddock you sit down to piss, lile all Englisi inbred wanks.

Woolarse has just been too fucking stupid and got caught. The whole fucking Englisi edifice is undermined with poofs and greedy cunts with their fingers in the till or up their neighbours arse. Sodem and Begora has nothing on you fuckwits.

Love and kisses from your cousin Angus.

Anonymous said...

I trust he's not getting any kind of legal aid for this charade. He's a lying sack of shit, who was bested by an actress and made to look a complete shit head, which, of course, he is.

I too wish him nothing but bad luck with his attempt to get the decision overturned.

He could always try to get political asylum in Nepal.

As for being unemployable, I would agree except that Wayne Roony's wife is employable and Jade Goodie was employable so I suppose someone will use him.

banned said...

Good point Penqui,I realised how the twat was improving his humiliation but it did not occur to me that any further judicial process would cost him the money he stole from us too.

@Captain Haddock "He, by his own criminal actions has rendered himself unemployed..." Yay! It just gets better and better.

Captain Haddock said...

Angus .. I cannot help but agree with you at the parlous state of English politics ..

That said, those in the English welfare-dependant Scotland are no better ..

Now .. enough of your lip .. you have four-legged, grass-eaters in need of being molested .. and that's your job .. Cheucter ..