Wednesday 10 November 2010

The Scape-Pigs To Face Trial

Oh, how sad! The troughing scape-pigs will have to face trial as common criminals after all.

I do hope that the huge cost of their attempts to wriggle out of legal proceedings will be recovered from them following their trials. After all, they have plenty of assets squirrelled away from years of troughing and stealing.

And if they should fall upon hard times I'm sure that their erstwhile colleagues in the House of Thieves will be only too glad to have a whip round for them - if they've got any to spare after helping poor Custard-Pie Woolas line m'learned friends pockets.

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

'Kin brilliant ..

I might just have to revise my opinions ..

There does appear to be a God after all ...

Hope the thieving bastards go down ..

Anonymous said...

I hope that all three of these pieces of shit arrive home to find his first-born swinging slowly from a rafter in the garage.

A scrawled note lies nearby, with streaks of tears on it.

'Dad, I couldn't take the shame of having your name'

Captain Haddock said...

Sadly, Anon ..

Politicians & their Spawn have no shame ..

That's why we're in the state we're in ..

Anonymous said...


did you forget the capital S in state?

bryboy said...

What about the rest? If these three are guilty of 'false accounting' then what about those others who seem to have escaped? Is the practice of 'flipping houses' not 'false accounting'? Could this not be the start of something that most of us want? Yeah I know... be happy with the crumbs that we get!

Hacked Off said...

The fact that there are so few in the dock when so many are guilty as fuck is why I have called them scape-pigs.

Tweed said...

My only complaint about this piece is that cunt-face Morley looks vaguely human in the image.