Thursday 11 November 2010

Back In The EUSSR

"Just One Cornetto, Give It To Me, Delicious Corruption, From Italeeeeeee!"

Christ on a Fucking Bike - despite all we know about the giant corrupt pile of steaming shit that is the EUSSR they still manage to surprise.

Some regional development quango in Italy blew half a million euros on an Elton John concert to promote "Neapolitan culture." Apparently the entertainer sang "Just One Cornetto" and ate a couple of pizzas. The crowd went wild with emotion.

They were only prevented from doing the same with a Paul McCartney concert because the centre-left governor was voted out of office in regional elections this year.

The truly gob-smacked Penguin


Joe Public said...

Ah, but did you realise that a Hungarian company was paid more than £350,000 by the European Union last year to build new facilities to "improve the lifestyle and living standard of dogs", a project that never materialised.

banned said...

"Back in the EUSSR" fucking brilliant Penguin, how about we adopt it as the EUSceptic anthem?