Monday 29 November 2010

But, Your Royal Highness...

A Madman And A Hypocrite Shaking Hands

Fucking typical, turns out the Saudis were begging the septics for airstrikes to take out the mad mullahs' nuclear programme.

Then they would in all likelihood have criticised the septics in order to appear to have solidarity with their Arab brethren, even if they are Shiites.

Must have slipped King Abdullah's mind that he has a fucking air force of his own.

The Royal Saudi Air Force is the air force branch of Saudi Arabian armed forces. The RSAF has developed from a largely defensive military force into one with an advanced offensive capability. The RSAF maintains the third largest fleet of F-15s after the JASDF and the USAF.

The backbone of the RSAF is currently the Panavia Tornado, with the Boeing F-15 Eagle also forming a major component. The Tornado and many other aircraft were delivered under the Al Yamamah contracts with British Aerospace (now BAE Systems). The RSAF ordered various weapons in the 1990s, including Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles, laser-guided bombs and gravity bombs. Al-Salam, a successor to the Al Yamamah agreement will see 72 Eurofighter Typhoons delivered by BAE.

Or if he thought that wouldn't work he could have asked some more of his wahhabi lunatics if they would mind flying some airliners into Iran's nuclear reactors. After all, it was good enough for the twin towers?

The Penguin


Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

One of the more encouraging aspects of the Islamic world is the mutual hatred between Sunni loons and Shi'ite loons.

They appear to hate each other more than they hate the infidel.

More power to their elbows I say.

banned said...

Any chance we might flog them a few used Harrier jump jets? No use to us anymore since we don't have any carriers and they are rebranding the RAF as the Royal Air Community Service.