Thursday 11 November 2010

Inspector Horatio Knacker Of The Met

"There's A Riot Being Signalled? Can't See It.
Move Along, Nothing To Police Here!"

Call me a cynical old flightfree fisheater if you must, but I can smell something distinctly piscine about the way Plod failed to have enough muscle on the street to prevent serious damage to the Tory Party's headquarters.

After all, sends a nice message to the government doesn't it? "Cuts to the Police budget mean we don't have enough coppers to protect the Tory Party."

Sack the whole top echelon and the next level of management. That'd save serious money and wouldn't affect front line policing one jot. How many times do the Met need to demonstrate that their senior management are fucking useless before they are forced out?

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

"Inspector Knacker" ???

More like "Inspector Personal Career Plan" ...

Kitler said...

It was amusing to watch plod stand by whilst some posh 13 year old lefties made a complete shambles of a riot.

They are lucky the real underclass couldn't afford to turn up and start rioting.

Sres said...

It did seem a political view not to police the students very well.

Heads should roll at the Met in my view. We didn't know is not a valid excuse.

citizen smith said...

My thoughts exactly, this was as much a demo by the police as it was the students.

A high ranking officer even said they would be unable to ensure the security of the capital if they were subject to cuts a couple of months ago. They illustrated this even though the cuts haven't been implemented yet.

This achieved ten times what a police federation march would have done, and they got paid for it too.

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

Agreed. This was the police playing politics.

Just like the other day as soon as there was a discussion over airline security a bomb was found. Coincidence?