Sunday 28 November 2010

Memo To Dave

Dave, this is what an aircraft carrier SHOULD look like.

It has aircraft on it, able to take off and land on the ship. That's what makes it an effective warship and useful in projecting power and protecting a country's interests.

Without the aircraft it's pretty fucking useless.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I'll just remind you that it was the great Gordon who took the hard decision to bribe the shipyard and defence workers with the order for our new aircraft-light carriers.

Buzz Lightweight.

Joe Public said...

"Without the aircraft it's pretty fucking useless."

But, they may be able to ram Somali pirates, if the latter are slow enough.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could use them as travelling football pitches to help international relations.

It's farcical. The last people who should be making decisions about spending our money are politicians - certainly, spending money in the final pre-election year should be outlawed. It is what is is bribery and electioneering. The politicians simply cannot help themselves and can't be trusted.

Anonymous said...

English wanks couldnae run a fucking whelk stall. Rule Brittania yer arse, it's all over and the Jocks are about to tell you to fuck of also. Get it right up ye. Ye can alway flog yer arses tae the Frogs, oh wait.. ye did that in 1066, what a bunch of wet farts.

Joe Pubic....All yer good for is ramming Scottish islands with your useless wee subs, with your cock sucking sailors pishing in their bunks.

Yer loving cousin Angus MacFuckye.

microdave said...

"Maybe they could use them as travelling football pitches to help international relations."

Or floating golf courses - here's Tiger Woods private yacht:

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh like if the Americans sent an Aircraft carrier to Korea without any aircraft on it.
Nice big target it would make.
How do this cretins get elected to office. We just got rid on one fool to be replaced by a bigger fool.

banned said...

Thanks for sharing the love Angus.

Buy HMS Invincible on E-Bay!

Elby the Beserk said...

Anon Jock - yes, do please fuck off, and take your Scottish MPs with you as well - after all, it is they who have wrought the greatest financial disaster in my lifetime on us.