Friday 19 November 2010

Monumental Waste Of Taxpayers' Money

Fuck me, I expected to be horrified and shocked but the sheer scale of the pissing away of taxpayers' hard-earned money is off the fucking scale.

The most gob-smacking is the MOD blowing £38,461 on a cunting firm who run "fitness courses" at fucking Catterick.

Catterick is Army North. Just squaddies and sheep as far as the eye can see...

When I was in the Army, they had their own in-house fitness courses. The PT instructors were fucking awesome. You got run ragged, no one was ever in any danger of obesity, you were fit, no question and no other choice.

Just what the fuck has been going on?

The Penguin


George said...

Fuck me, the beastings I used to get when I was at 8 Sigs in Catterick were awesome.

Chapcustard said...

I once had a lesson with an angry PTI WO2 who blasted my legs so badly that the next day when I sat on the shitter I couldn't stand up again and had to crawl out of the cubicle. True story.

At least Bladerunner seem to employ a lot of ex PTI's. It's heartbreaking to see out of work Gym Queens on the street offering to do burpees for cash.

Anonymous said...

Catterick brings back some good memories, fit as a butchers dog when they'd finished with me.
Not so fit now though.

Queens Own Hussars (long gone)


Captain Ranty said...

I got beasted at 11 Sigs then at 8 Sigs.

We were doing a self defence class at 8 Sigs and the PTI said "Hit me". I kneed him in the bollocks.

When he recovered he beat the crap out of me. He told me afterwards that he did not mean "Hit me", he meant "Pretend to hit me". I told him he should have fucking qualified his instruction first. We never got on after that. Six months of shit followed just because I did as I was told.

Not sure how I would have got on with a civvie PTI. I would probably have been arrested for assault.


Hacked Off said...

As I recall even the Ruperts treated the PTIs with serious respect, as they had to pass the PTI administered fitness test every year.

Bit of a mistake there, CR :-)

Anonymous said...

Fuck of Penguin, just reflects on the state of England really, subsidised as you are by the Jocks and sucking each others cocks, what a bunch of wet farts. I was an Aldershot graduate, someone has to keep the back bone in the Army, 20% of it is Jocks. Finest soldiers along with the Gurkha's on the planet, you will be on your knees when we declare UDI and take our oil away.

Your loving cousin Angus Macwhacker.

Hacked Off said...

Shame they couldn't drum spelling and punctuation into your thick jock skull whilst you were almost at Sandhurst, though.

Or maybe the buckie has washed most of your brain cells away?

Anonymous said...

Fuck of you shirt lifting wet English wank, is that really the best you can do? No wonder your country is fucked and full of beggars. Was your mum and dad siblings? If you wear a wig and control the slobbering no one will notice your frontal lobotomy.

Hacked Off said...

You can always tell when the jibe hits home, because of the furious re-action.

Now just fuck off away to Scotlandshire, an impoverished province of England, from where all the clever Jocks emigrated long ago.

Caratacus said...

"Never difficult to differentiate between a ray of sunshine and a Scotsman with a grievance...."

Captain Haddock said...

Indeed "C" ..

Jocks are born with an inbuilt grievance ..

That they weren't born English ..

Eh, Agnes ????

Filthy McNasty said...

You have to remember though Cpt Hadock, that most of the Jockanese are finely balanced figures of men.

They have a fucking huge chip on both shoulders !

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Now in response to this, I have to say something...

I used to live next door to an ex-SBS man and he was hell to have as a neighbour. A bottle of whisky a day man, and as many women as he could shag. Hell. Hell, I tell you. But I give him his due. When there was a fire in the block of flats in which we all lived, he was out of bed and calling the Fire Brigade and helping them out before anybody else. I would not have liked him as a wife or girlfriend, but in my hour of need, he was second to none.

Another neighbour, some years on, was ex-SAS and Scottish, Glaswegian, ex-Gorbels, the full monty. Lovely smile and red hair. Now he was exactly the same. In a crisis, he was the dogs bollocks. Excellent friend indeed.

Unlike all the other civvies around...we were all shot away with the fairies.

So there you go...

Now you know who'd you'd like living next door to you?

Captain Haddock said...

"They have a fucking huge chip on both shoulders" !

Now ..'aint that the truth ?

Anonymous said...

What is going on dear Rantmeister, is that HM Forces are now soft, gay encouraging, fat is 'just another kind of shape that demonstrates our inclusiveness' bunch of out of touch fucksticks. I should know, I'm in my last three years of 30 and we are now unrecognisable as a fighting force thanks to such piss as the ECHR and the liberal knobheads at the top.