Friday 20 August 2010

Sad Al Protests His Good Faith

Alex Fishcake, Leader of the Scots Porridge Party is desperately trying to prop up his standing in the world by claiming that the decision to release the fall-guy for the Lockerbie bombing was made in good faith and supported by the finest prognosis that the Scotch medical profession could afford.

"It's not ma fault, ye ken," he whinged to any mug daft enough to pay him any attention. "The doctor said the cunt wuz dying, and we didnae want to have to pay for a funeral."

Now that he is receiving decent medical care, which is unavailable in Scotlandshire, the so-called Lockerbie Bomber is making great progress and is expected to outlive Mr Fishcake's time in office.

The Penguin

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Dioclese said...

What can I say - what a con trick

Hey - this word verification thing is getting spooky. It just asked me to type in 'sudis' which I think might be a new islamic sect?...