Saturday 21 August 2010

Millipede Senior's Movement For Change

David Millipede has issued detailed instructions to both of his supporters on how to host parties to discuss making important changes to the NuLiebore Party.

1. Get in some bananas
2. Hand the bananas to the guests
3. Wave the bananas while gurning to camera
4. Loud chorus of "I am an Alien!"

This is clearly a real winner, and little brother Ed is desolate.

The Penguin


Old Seatonian said...

Discuss important changes to the Labour Party like how it is transformed in to the biggest collection of mental retards this country is ever seen.

Clement Atllee, Harold Wilson etc must be spinning in their graves.I may not have agreed with their policies,but at least you can respect their standing.

Can they get any lower !

Anonymous said...

I suspect that people said exactly the same kind of things about people like Wilson. (His accent was northern you know.)

Proper politicians, like mrs Thatcher, lost their northern or midlands acents and learned to speak like the queen.

Actually, can you imagine Harry Wilson speaking like the queen...ho ho ho...

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate this pointless alien fuckstick.

Paul said...

I have not seen a more hideous photo of a person for quite some time. Eugh!