Wednesday 18 August 2010

New Furore Over Killer's Ashes

"It's my puppy and I'm going to fucking eat it!"

The Daily Fury are reportingthat there is growing anger in Newcastle after reports that crazed killer Rolypoly Moat's ashes were flushed down the shitter.

"That's disgusting!" said un-married mother of 13 Trisha Slagg, 43, "They should have been preserved for posterior, inna museum of sumfink. He was a fucking hero!"

Unemployed pimp Bazza Gimp, 37, told our reporter that there was now a danger that Rolypoly's fans and facebook "friends" would congregate on local sewage works in an attempt to harvest some of him to keep in a matchbox on the top of the television. "The only problem is finding out which sewage works they'll end up at, bloody towns full of sewage works, innit? Be a bit off, getting the wrong geezer's shitty ashes!"

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

Nicely done RP .... :) :)

PJH said...

"That's disgusting!" said un-married mother of 43 Trisha Slagg, 13,


Anonymous said...

Irony from the Pengui?

You gone native?

Anonymous said...

yeah but no but yeah but no but there's this whole other fing wot you dont know nuffin about so sharrup!
- Vicky Pollard

Hacked Off said...

You'll be the new boy, then?

The Penguin

Old Seatonian said...

Aparently they have been put in a River (not the Tyne), so they presumably can collect water in a Ace lager can and keep it on the mantle piece