Sunday 1 August 2010

Completely Unfit For Purpose

"You've Been A Very Naughty Boy! Now Run Along And Collect Your Benefits!"

The Broke-Back Coalition can save a good few quid by chopping the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal which is clearly unfit for purpose.

An Iraqi immigrant who stabbed two doctors to death has been awarded the right to stay in Britain by the AIT because he would pose a danger to the public in his homeland.

Now the same wankers have decided that a convicted drug smuggler can't be deported back to Turkey.

Why the fuck do we put up with this shit?

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

Cos, presumably whilst the Iraqi might pose a threat to public safety in his homeland .. we don't matter sufficiently to even warrant consideration ?

As for the Turk, they probably feel that he'll have plenty of "support" here amongst others of his kind (shortly to be massively reinforced, if CMD has his way) ...

Broken Britain .. the legal basket-case of the Western world ...

Anonymous said...

Holiday wore of quickly this year.

Joe Public said...

"An Iraqi immigrant who stabbed two doctors to death...."

An ironic juxtaposition of posts Mr Penguin.

It's obviously intended to send him to join Mr Huntley.

Furor Teutonicus said...

From the Telegraph link;
It meas that Turkish nationals can only be denied the right to live and work in European Community states if they pose a "specific risk of new and serious prejudice to the requirements of public policy".

And drug dealing does not constitute that?

WHAT do the HAVE to do to get thrown back to their shithole hovels? Plan genocide of the Welsh?

mungle said...

It seems silly and childlike to puzzle why this can happen. Why can the safety of these people be more important than the safety and well being of people of the host nation? What embarrasingly obvious factor am I missing? There must be a really really good explanation that I can't fathom?

geewiz said...

''What embarrasingly obvious factor am I missing?


Anonymous said...

As geewiz says, lawyers.
Many thousands of lawyers are getting unbelievably rich via your wallet defending scum.
You pay for the legal aid (which you will not be entitled to yourself), you pay for the lawyers fees and you will also pay for the scums housing and money.
Makes you proud to be British, don't it?