Saturday 28 August 2010

High Time The Tax Inspector Paid A Visit

No wonder Teflon Tone likes globe-trotting!

Seems to me that it is about time that HMRC started a serious and thorough investigation into the tax affairs of Tone and Slot-gob Bliar.

And especially into how they can pay fucking CASH for yet another million-quid property.

The Penguin


Marchamont said...

He's probably not domiciled for UK tax purposes anymore - and a million is pocket change to him.

Captain Haddock said...

Jesus RP ..

That's a bloody scary photo .. it almost, I say almost puts me off my tea ...

That pair are as bent as a couple of pig's dicks ..

Oldrightie said...

So war is lucrative, eh? Not fucking half. Socialists for only as long as necessary to fuck up a few million lives.

Fascist Hippy said...

That is one mother fucking ugly chick! Blair deserves her.

Leg-iron said...

Wow. That's the Joker with his mouth on upside down, and an expression that suggests he's just sat on an upright pencil.

They had kids. It must have been doggy style. Either that or there was a paper bag involved.

Two bags.

No, make that three. Definitely a three-bagger.

Anonymous said...


Seen their fucking daughter yet?

Call me infidel said...

"Is she backward, does anyone know?"
Don't know about that but Slotgob should try to teach her arse to smile start backwards the ugly fuckpig.

Call me infidel said...

Let me try that one more time....."Is she backward, does anyone know?"
Don't know about that but Slotgob should teach her arse to smile and start walking backwards the ugly what I meant to say.