Wednesday 25 August 2010

Appealing For The Pink Vote?

" Look At Me, I'm An Alien Pillowbiter!"

The strange alien who pretends to be David Millipede has given up on trying to win the leadership of the NuLiebore Party by going for the "monkey" votes.

Abandoning the banana, he is now doing teapot impressions to suggest that he may well favour the pink oboe.

Certainly he seems to fire blanks, or maybe his sperm is so alien it can't impregnate a human?

The Penguin


Dioclese said...

As I understand it, a cunt cannot impregnate anything.

Captain Haddock said...

Looks as if he's mislaid a roll of Lino ... :)

Oldrightie said...

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the next leader of the Labour Party. Was decided months ago. If he is not, I will feed my remaining fish to my murdering Heron.

Anonymous said...

Think you're correct OR - New Liebore have got so used to fixing the voting results that they couldn't have an honest poll if they tried & Alien Banana Boy seems to tick all the right boxes for the hectoring officialdom & braindead socialist that make up the Party members. Still, it's not all bad - it could have been Eddy 'I only blink when I lie' NoBalls in charge.

Old Seatonian said...

What a bunch of retards. The frightening thing one of them will stand for the office of Prime Minister and could get elected !!!

Hopefuly not.

Incidentaly the milipedes are like Ant and Dec to me - can never tell which is which. To be fair it does not matter - both Milipedes are aliens and are incompetant. Sad thing is they are better than the lying weasel Balls - aptly named.

Captain Swing said...

I must have missed something.

Is this the auditions for the new series of "are you being served" with David (im free)Milipede doing his best Mr Humphreys impression(yeah right).

angry fat bloke said...

What a fucking mongrelous, bog-brush haired gargoyle. While, on the left, we see Andy 'Fag Face' Bubbles. Suspiciously thin hips all round, then.

If it's a caption competition, I nominate "Hi-de-Hi, campers!"