Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Voice In The Wilderness

Rest In Peace, Ray Honeyford.

Truly a voice in the wilderness, and like Enoch Powell you had your words twisted and used to crucify you, when you were in fact just telling it like it was.

Shame on the whole educational and political establishments, traitors the fucking lot of them.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

A truly great man and part of a rapidly disappearing breed. RIP.

Busty said...

Hounded for telling the truth. Very sad. rip x

andy said...

At least he lived long enough to see his stance vindicated and to know that he was right all along.
Sadly he was just too far ahead of his time to go against the prevailing dogma.

Anonymous said...

As sad loss. If they'd only listened to his moderate, experienced and well thought-out views, we wouldn't be in the situation we are today.

He had an inside-track on what was happening, seeing the early effects of immigrant ghettos and multi-culturalism, yet his wise warnings went unheeded.

I trust that he and Enoch Powell are in the same place now, consoling each other that, despite having tried their best, the idiots just wouldn't listen.

R.I.P. both.

Anonymous said...

Fuck heads like Cameron and Milipede dare not mention what we all know. Still, the rise of Asian thug gangs beating up white kids could be rather interesting. Let's sort them before they out breed us. I weep for this country when I see brown faced shitholes that used to be our great cities.

Brian Fingerton said...

"traitors the fucking lot of them"
Correct. Traitors is what they are: deliberately destroying the social structures which made Britain the kind of place to which their Asian clients want to emigrate.