Monday 27 February 2012

Cull A Hundred (To Improve Things)

Who would be in your list of one hundred people whose absence from existence would have made Britain a much better place this last 100 years or so?

I know it's a target-rich environment, but go on, have a go....

I'll have a think and see who I come up with myself.

The Penguin

UPDATE: I have thought, and I have looked at your suggestions - and depressingly, one hundred would barely scratch the surface. We'd need to cull tens of thousands of the cunts...


Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Ed Balls
John Prescott
Ken Livingstone
Nick Clegg
Katie Price
David Beckham
Prince Charles
David Dickinson
John Terry
Andy Murray
Anyone who's been on TOWIE
Ken Clarke
Jeffrey Archer
The Chinese poof who tells women how to dress
Trinny and Susannah
Polly Toynbee
Jackie Ashley
Kevin "Toilets" Maguire
Richard Desmond
Lord Levy
Zac Goldsmith
Peter Mandelson
Nat Rothschild
Nick Griffin
Tristram Hunt
Abu Qatada
Abu Hamza
Chowdhury - you know the one I mean
Yasmin Alibhai Brown
Darcus Howe
Lee Jasper
Bob Crowe
Len McCluskey
Ali Dizaei
Tariq Ghuffour
Jeremy Kyle
Robert Kilroy Silk
Seamus Milne
Marcus Brigstocke
Wayne Rooney
Alex Salmond
Rowan Williams
Richard Dawkins
David Cameron
John Bercow
Sally Bercow
Vanessa Feltz
Trevor Phillips
Gareth Pierce
Charles Moore
Max Hastings
Tom Watson
Sion Simon
Sadiq Khan
Ed Miliband
George Osborne
Gerry Adams
Martin MacGuinness
Ian Paisley
Charlotte Church
Kerry Katona
James Corden
Ricky Gervais
Hugh Grant
Emma Thompson
JK Rowling
Patrick Stewart
Jodie the Student protester
Charlie Gilmour
Elton John
Prince Edward
Prince Andrew
Pippa Middleton
Martin Amis
Steve Maclaren
Tessa Jowell
Harriet Harman
Jack Dromey
Edwina Currie
Ann Widdecombe
Mark Oaten
Neil Kinnock
Roy Hattersley
Gordon Ramsay
Aynsley Harriott
Anthony Worrall Thompson
Rio Ferdinand
Ashley Cole
Harry Redknapp
Melanie Phillips

Have I reached 100 yet?

D-Rex said...


Don't disagree with any of your choices Lady Virginia. I think most people's problem will be limiting their lists to 100

kitler said...

LVDdS, most of your choices would look good in a pit covered in lime, but can I buy David Dickinson from you cos he's all right. I'll give you a Natalie Cassidie for him.

Anonymous said...

Keith Lemon, a peurile unfunny twat.

Dioclese said...

You missed a few m'lady :

Simon Cowell
Stock Aitken Waterman
Gary Lineker
Camilla Parker Bowles
Richard Madeley
Judy Finnigan
That woman that did the keep fit on GMTV (?)
The bloke with the tache that does the Go Compare ad!!!!
Whitney Houston
Amy Winehouse (foreign but still 'over here')
John Lyden
Lesley Garrett
Boris Johnson
Victoria Beckham
Fred Goodwin
Boy George
George Micheal
Princess Eugenie
Princess Beatrice
Princess Ann
Prince Andrew
Ian Paisley
Charlie State
Joe Pascalli
Rupert Murdoch
Robert Maxwell
Anyone who reads the Sun
Anyone who reads the Daly Star
John McCirrick
Davina McCall
Gloria Hunniford
Bruce Forsyth
Carol Vorderman
Andrew Marr
David Laws
Fred West
Rose West
Myra Hindley
Stuart Sutcliffe
Raoul Moate
Lenny Henry
Sebastian Coe
Chris Hoy
Trisha Goddard
Damn Kelly Holmes
Jackie Collins
Bryn Terfel
Anyone who's Welsh
Arthur Scargill
Bob Crowe
Edward Heath the traitor
Edward Moseley the traitor
The Archbishop of Canterbury (all of them!)
Sharon Shoesmith
Imam Mohammed Hanif Khan
Anwar al-Awlaki
Anwar Khan
Lord Taylor of Warwick
David Laws
Eric Ilsley
David Chaytor
Thomas Hamilton
Abu Rumaysah
Aso Mohammed Ibrahim
Franny Armstrong
PC Mark Bohannan
Harold Shipman
Roy Whiting
PC Phil Berry
Asil Nadir
DI Shakeel Ahmed
PC Dustin Hunter
Harriet Harman
Katherine Rake
Michael Ryan
PC Peter Lightfoot
Derrick Bird
Leslie Strathie
Jeremy Bamber
Teresa Bystram
Ian Huntley
Trevor Brooks
PC Simon Harwood
Nick Griffin
John Venables

And I'm sure there's loads more. Sadly, I seem to have identified rather a lot of bent coppers!

Dioclese said...

I need a new PC. This one can't type for toffee. The foreign comment was of course meant for Houston not Winehouse.

Valerie said...

No one's mentioned Yvette Cooper - near the top of my list.

Anonymous said...

You can keep all your minor celebrities and sports persons -
Just give me that grinning jackanapes and his ghastly wife.

Anonymous said...

Amazed. No Shami Chakrabarti on the list.

Dioclese said...

Can't fucking believe I missed Shami!...

Anonymous said...

What - no one going for Richard Branson?

Markbaldy said...

Paul Daniels is an annoying little cunt too... get him on the list !
Why is Cherie Blair not on the list for Christ's sakes - she is a fucking toilet !

Aradu said...

Richard Bacon of 5Dead. I could smash his face in for hours with a frozen joint of ham and then roast and eat the weapon afterwards, thus hiding away the evidence forever.

Anonymous said...

One hundred is not enough !

Anonymous said...

I had to deal with Charkrabarti, she is actually quite right wing. Did not want "direct action" on plod.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Peaches Geldof
Danielle Lloyd
Kate Moss
Naomi Campbell
Jack the twat - Jade Goody's hubby
Joey Barton
Stephen Purcell
Keith Vaz
Cecil Parkinson
Tony Benn
Natasha Kaplinsky
Derek Draper
Damian McBride
Vivien Westwood
Matt Lucas
Sharon Osbourne (but not Ozzy I like him)
Pete Doherty
Phil Woolas
Stephen Byers
Tony McNulty
Lord Truscott
Derry Irvine
Francis Maude
Chris Patton
Mick Hucknall
Chris Moyles
Anyone in So Solid Crew
Mike Hancock
Simon Cowell
Piers Morgan
Neil Warnock
Trisha Goddard
Derek Hatton

Floozie said...

A hundred? You must be joking. Start with the entire Parliament, for a start