Thursday 2 February 2012

Gwent Plod's Costly Highest Standards Revealed

How To Treat A Dangerous 73 Year Old Motorist

You have to hand it to Gwent Police Farce, who have just had to cough up £20,000 in compensation plus the £9,800 repair bill and fuck knows how much in legal fees and costs, never mind all the time they have had to spend on this cluster-fuck rather than doing anything remotely useful for the good folk of Gwent.

Still, all that publicity is priceless, assuming you think that all publicity is good.

It's also heart-warming to know that these wonderful policemen are now back on the beat following a thorough internal investigation which declared them to be officers who ‘met the highest standards of professional behaviour’.

So, that all right. Move along, fuck all to see here (but it's all on You Tube).

The Penguin


jaded said...

Come on old chap,even you must realise there's more to this story than the Daily Mail are printing.

Do you honestly think this nice old innocent man just gently pulled over and was attacked for no reason?

I can't be bothered to write a long piece defending these PC's,google the original story and decide for yourselves.

PS The police complaints dept fall over themselves to sack experienced PC's and these ones were not punished.Says it all...
PPS This driver has previous if you do the research.

The Equalizer said...

@ jaded.

Yes, he might have "previous", but look into it properly and you'll find that it was him that had the problems with Plod, not the other way round.

Looks more like a case of "about time we got even with this cheeky old fucker and taught him a lesson in respect for the Fifth Reich"

Anyway, whichever way you look at it, at his age he's hardly likely to jump out with an AK47 and do a Rambo on them . . . . Though the devil in me thinks that would have made a far more entertaining YooToob video !

The Travelling Toper said...

If the reason for stopping the man was for not wearing a seat belt then the entire chase and stop represent the police at their worst. There was no necessity to follow with sirens screaming when they could have simply recorded his numberplate and visited him later at home. The man might well have previous form but the way the plods leapt from his car in an instant aggressive mode shows the unfitness of the constables to be members of the police force. The attitude of the third officer with a member of the public is also worth noting.
The fact that the police authority paid compensation actually says it all.

jaded said...

Equalizer-you say potato......"had problems"? How does that work then?

TT-you obviously haven't looked into the background of this as I advised but just rushed to judge after reading the headline.He initially stopped,a PC got out and he hit him with his car and drove away.That's what provoked this incident.He then drove for 8 miles without stopping.
He was then convicted in court of several offences-not for the first time.

I don't always agree but it is much cheaper for the police to pay out than contest minor claims.I have been told that it can cost up to £10,000 a day to run a crown court case.

Anonymous said...

So, one elderly chap is pootling along in a very strongly-built vehicle, equipped with Christ-knows how many airbags, when an unusually observant Plod thinks he may not be wearing a bit of fabric across his chest - a bit of fabric which would add not one jot of improvement to the driver's chances of survival in all but the most dramatic of incidents and would benefit no-one else.

And all the while, as murderers, robbers, rapists and terrorists happily ply their trades without any fear of Plod ever being half bright enough to stop them, this pootling pensioner offers an easy target for some outdoor official vandalism exercise and lots of lovely paperwork back at the nick, which will keep the pea-brained Plodders warm and dry for days.

Is it any wonder we've lost faith in those self-important idiots in blue ?

Anonymous said...

WPC Jade D, you cannot exculpate plod. Only last night I discovered that ex Met detective Derek G Haslam of 9 Lynn Rd, Southery, Downham Market PE38, 0HU was posting gay porn, race hate and other stuff. Norfolk plod do nowt about it. Why is that?

jaded said...

Ciaran you are a cock.
How many other blogs are you going to infect with your mad ramblings? Take a stronger dose or get yourself sectioned.

Back to the topic;Has anyone thought where the footage is from? No? It's from the police cars own camera,not from a passer-by.
They did what they did knowing they were being filmed.

Anne-Marie Hackett said...

As well as being a cock Ciaran also likes a bit of cock - preferably in the toilets next to the gym at Belfast University.

He also harbours pretensions of intellectual adequacy - he has a certificate from a local Community College apparently...