Sunday, 12 February 2012

Great Career Move, Whitney

I see that drug-ravaged ex-diva Whitney Houston has taken the advice of her mismanagement and done a Michael Jackson to resurrect flagging sales of the stuff she recorded when she could sing.

This route was pioneered by Jim Reeves and Elvis Presley, who have done extremely well out of being dead.

The drug suppliers meanwhile are having to find new victims.

The Penguin


Your Teddy Bear said...

Oh! Shock horror!!

What proof do you have the Elvis is dead?

Oldrightie said...

Ranty, I love your work and my first reaction to Whitney Houston's death was similar. Then I stopped to think of how she got to be in that dreadful state. More likely she was "groomed" in many different ways, by others. Exploited, abused and probably robbed of many millions by the corporate world of money, drugs and corruption.
Yet one more victim of a terrible world who deserved, as many of us do, better.

Anonymous said...

One other interpretation is to consider the number of 'oppressed minorities' who expire early, by self-abuse, after great success. Hendrix, Jackson, Houston, Winehouse etc.

It's almost as if, having grown up claiming oppression by the majority, once they succeed in the majority world, they can't handle the loss of their 'oppressed minority martyrdom' label.

Hacked Off said...

Oldrightie, I'm saddened by the corruption of a once innocent person with a wonderful talent, horrified that the business she was in did fuck all to protect her - even with all those influential relatives etc. - and a presumably loving family who failed to save her from herself. The evils of drug addiction are self-evident, but the worst thing in my opinion is all those sub-humans who get stinking rich by inflicting them on other people, or who insist that their so-called "loved ones" join them in their sad habits...

And the music industry seems to have plenty of vultures doing very nicely from corpses.

You know the difference between an idealist and a cynic? Experience.

Mitch Sullivan said...

People can be saved from a lot of things ...but themselves isn't one of them.