Friday 3 February 2012

All Quiet On The Cold Front

Having laughed my socks off about that hoon Huhne, I quickly put them back on, along with some extra warm jumpers and a pair of long johns, because it's fucking freezing.

And not just here. Apparently it's brass fucking monkeys all over the place, and BMW are regretting sponsoring the cold front as it's killing people all over central Europe.

So much for global fucking warming.

The Penguin


A. Passing-Idiot said...

I have unbounded faith that the new Minister will "unwind" all this crap about windmills and such.

More tea vicar?

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Cameron's such a twat he'll probably offer the post to George Monbiot.

andy said...

I love the way that when the Eco-Nazi`s realised the game was over for "Global Warming" it suddenly became "Climate Change"
Do they honestly believe that anyone with half a brain is actually buying their bullshit?

livescore said...
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