Monday 5 July 2010

Selfless Public Servants?

"It's Only A Little House, Hardly Big Enough To Swing A Cat, Honest!"

Oh dear, there are dummies and teddy bears on the floor again. Poor Nursey will have to pick them up and try and comfort the raging tantrum throwing brats.

Perhaps instead of the current shambles prospective MPs should be selected from people who already live in the constituency that they wish to represent in Parliament? Preferably from able folk who have proven their ability and quality by a successful career, with certain professions and occupations being banned, such as lawyers, lobbyists, and trade union officials as these have proven to be not only over-represented but far too fond of the trough for the public good.

As for the current Solicitor General, who has been topping up his not inconsiderable MP's pay and perks with outside earnings as barrister and judge in the hundreds of thousands a year, if he wants to rent a big house on a country estate, let the arrogant cunt pay for it himself.

The Penguin

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Mark @ Israel said...

Many politicians just label themselves as selfless public servants but in reality they are selfish public servants. They say they live in a "little" house but what we actually see is that their house is a mansion. So much for the lies please.